Selling Managed Services: 4 Techniques To Victory

selling managed services

In the IT world, everybody knows that prevention is worth every penny. Nobody needs to convince an IT personnel about that. However, to a non-technical person, it may take a while to finally make him believe in this premise. It will also be a similar situation when an IT managed service provider tries to convince a business to avail of its services.

Yes, the business will gladly agree on the scope and the charges on the service, but once the process is explained like how the service will be implemented, the challenge starts from almost immediately.

Here are some pointers to help you execute selling managed services to a customer.

Sell “your company’s way.”

One way to approach a customer that wants the best IT support service with no objection to the cost is to give it all you have and let them know that this is how your company works. Let the client know that with your years of experience in the IT industry, your IT managed service is top notch and you are doing it “your way.”

Sell the service not the technology.

Outside the IT world, non-technical people just do not care on security patches, spam filter, a backup copy, cloud computing or other technical related service. All they care about is their machine running to the max all the time. The end result is what matters to them. So if you are selling managed services, offer your prospective customers with proactive support and system automation to bring in a higher level of productivity. For them, improved efficiency and productivity is always better.

Set your focus on sales.

Many IT companies who are providing managed services always want to increase revenue. It is a fact, and every business wants an increase in whatever way they could employ. However, many IT managed service providers do not focus on adding new services. Top notch MSPs have their own dedicated team focused entirely on getting additional revenue in managing IT services.

Do not be afraid to raise your price.

One cannot deliver a top-notch level of support if an IT MSP charges low. Your customer will be happy for service price that is lower than the normal rate, but the question is, will your company be able to deliver a high quality of service? No, you will not be able to do that. Charging less than delivering a low level of support will create a negative impact for both parties. Not just your company, but your client, as well. Be honest, let the client know that a support service for the technology at hand will cost a little more, but inform them also that in the long run, their investment will pay off.

IT managed services in the IT world is a strong business. If one will stay true to its core, to the quality of service provided and to the commitment it has imparted to the client, an IT company that sells managed services will surely be a successful one.

An MSP should focus on being consistent with their product and maintaining top quality services. Do not be afraid to seek out other great partners who are also committed in providing good service. Lastly, the IT world is in continuing evolution, so your managed services must evolve too or you will be left behind.

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Web Design Company Toronto – On The Popularity Of Online Shopping

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The web design company Toronto locals usually call on is well aware of the rapidly increasing popularity of online shopping. More people are expected to try online shopping as technological improvements make them more secure. That is why experts at web design company Toronto are always busy.

People want to know about the products that they are buying before they make a commitment. In brick and mortar stores the information is not always readily available. Good web design companies ensure that each product or service that they feature on a website is properly described. This gives web visitors the confidence to compare to their heart’s content before making a purchase decision. There is also the absence of pressure from live salesmen.

One weakness of brick and mortar stores is schedule; it is very expensive for these stores to operate on a 24/7 basis. That usually means they are normally closed when prospective clients working 8 to 5 jobs are free. But companies have learned from this so most of them have hired expert web designers to create online sales portals. Through sales websites, companies can now offer their wares to their target market 24/7 without having to worry about rent, staff salaries, etc.

What drives many consumers to shop online is the convenience. They all appreciate the ability to do their shopping whenever they want to and from any place there is internet service. Consumers can shop even from the comfort of their own homes. Web design companies make good money crafting lots of online stores, which give customers the chance to visit multiple stores in mere minutes – no travel time, no traffic, and no delays.

In place of physical shelves Toronto web design wizards craft online catalogs. These do not consume physical space, do not need to be dusted and are able to store hundreds of items. While people sometimes have a hard time finding products that they want in supermarkets, the same is not true of online stores. The goods inventory in online stores is properly cataloged. Really good web design companies often include filters which make looking for specific items easier.

Because there are many online stores competing for the same market, prices are usually lower. Perhaps this is also influenced by the fact that it is less expensive to maintain online stores. On the part of the sellers, online sales make communicating with their customers easier – the client’s data is already input at the time of sale. As for the customers, they also benefit by being able to easily receive announcements about special offers, discounts and other promotions.

Organizations such as the Mobile Marketing Association know that smart phones are always within reach of their owners. As a sign of the increasing popularity of online sales, a significant portion of such sales are now completed through the use of smart devices. Due to this trend, Toronto web design companies advice that websites should be designed with responsive pages which automatically adapt to available screens.

The popularity of online sales will continue to rise. If your company does not sell online, perhaps it is time to consult with a reputable Toronto web design company.

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